Distributed storage cluster and Hadoop

  1. what is big data?
  1. what is big data?
Big data problems
  • -> if any industry capable to make such appliance that can store such big data then one more problem occurs i.e. velocity (I/O), system works very slow and storing the data i.e output and read the data i.e input becomes very slow.
8 v’s of big data
  • -> two major big data problem is:
  • volume(size) and velocity(I/O)
  • Volume is major issue,when the size of data is larger than the size of storage in appliance.
  • Velocity, we always want fastly upload and retrieve the data, but due to big data problem this process becomes very slow.
  • -> by using this method, we split the file in different portion and store it in different storage.
  • -> it uses the topology of master-slave model, in which one system or server is master connected with different slaves, that gives master its storage and client contact directly to master to store the data.
  • -> master is called namenode and slaves are datanode.




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Abhishek kumar

Abhishek kumar

Learner & Blogger

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